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A Group from Singapore-China Business Association Visits CNQC

          On June 10, Singapore-China Business Association investigation group led by the association chairman Hu Jinsheng and the chief representative of Shandong province at the economic and trade office of Singapore Wang Xuanyu, visited CNQC, the group members including Bi Xiaoqiong, president of the board of SH Group Limited, Huang Xuanmin, general manager of Xiefa Paints Corporation, Ye Shuxia, vice-president of Yinhai Asset Management Pte. Ltd., Zhao Heng, president of the board of Zhong Heng International Travel Limited, Zheng Xianyu, manager of Yuantai Fuel Trade Pte. Ltd., Li Delong, president of the board of A.K. Lee Enterprises Pte. Ltd., Zhuo Chaolai, president of the board of Lianmei Metal Pte. Ltd., and Nie Jinfeng, executive secretary of Singapore-China Business Association. Chairman of the board of Guotsing Holding Group Co., Ltd. Du Bo, president Wang Xianmao, executive presidents Wan Qingdong and Lin Chunsheng had talks with the guests at the meeting room on the 30th floor.

     Having built and developed many large famous projects in Singapore, such as Meidengyuan and Cuilin Apartment Building, CNQC has become a household name of a construction and real estate enterprise inSingapore, as well as an example for construction real estate in Singapore to follow, pointed out Hu Jinsheng. He said Singapore-China Business Association will continue to support CNQC and other members in pursuing development in Singapore and its surrounding regions. He believed CNQC will develop rapidly and soundly in the future and accomplish outstanding achievements.

  According to Wang Xuanyu, chief representative of Shandong province at the economic and trade office of Singapore, Singapore shows good momentum for development, and he is very proud to be sent there. He, on behalf of the representative office of Shandong provincial government at the economic and trade office of Singapore, thanked CNQC for its support and contribution, the enterprise making a great contribution to the exchange between the enterprises of Singapore and Shandong.   


    Scene of Talk

Singapore-China Business Association, founded in 1970, has nearly 500 business entity members, its members being the enterprises and organizations engaged in various economic and trade activities between Singapore and China over a long term. The organization has kept close contact with the related departments of the Chinese and Singaporean governments as well as societies of commerce and industry, offered various services helpful to the development of members in flexible manners, and done a lot of jobs to promote the understanding and friendship between the peoples of the two countries and their economic development. CNQC (South Pacific) Holding Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of CNQC, is a member of Singapore-China Business Association.