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New Airport Comprehensive Traffic Center Project Acts as Master Meeting Place for Demonstration of Qingdao Construction Quality Improvement Activity Demonstration Project

      On June 5, 2017, site demonstration meeting 2017on Qingdao construction quality improvement activity  (fines works creation& scientific and technological innovation) demonstration project, which was organized by Qingdao Municipal Commission of Urban-Rural Development and the Bureau of Construction Project Management, was successfully held at Qingdao new airport construction site, and the new airport comprehensive traffic center and parking building undertaken by CNQC acted as the master meeting place for the demonstration. Director of Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Construction Project Management Liu Yuyong, director of Qingdao Municipal Project Quality Supervision Station Liu Xinguang, president of the board of CNQC Wang Xianmao and president Wu Shuyi attended the demonstration. Also at present were more than 3,000 people in charge of quality and technology from the units undertaken building, construction and construction quality control in Qingdao.

  Scene of Demonstration