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Leaders from Well-known Vietnamese Companies like Time Square, Wanshengfa, AKR and Sunny World Pay a Visit to Guotsing Holding Group Co., Ltd.

  On May 2, a group of 12 people, including president of the board of Time Square Zhu Liji, president of the board of Wanshengfa Group Zhang Meilan, and president of the board of Sunny World Zhang Jingrong, paid a visit to Guotsing Holding Group Co., Ltd. And chairman of the board of the group Du Bo, president Wang Xianmao, Qingjian International (HK1240) CEO Wang Congyuan, director of Guotsing Holding Group Co., Ltd. Cao Sujian, executive presidents Xu Bin, Wan Qingdong and Wu Shuyi had strategic talks with the guests at the meeting room on the 30th floor. During the symposium, both sides made intensive exchange and discussions, reached common understanding on cooperation outlook, cooperation fields, cooperation manner and the future development, and signed strategic cooperation agreements.

  Signing strategic cooperation agreements


  After the symposium, chairman Du Bo accompanied the guest to visit LaoshanLiqun Shopping Mall, the high-rise large commercial complex project built by Guotsing Holding Group Co., Ltd. The project is a representative work of the group in large commercial complex, its construction quality, visual image and management level being highly appreciated by the guests.


  During communications both parties agreed to gather advantageous resources for competition and cooperation and build the project into a milestone oneof fine quality and great influence.