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Chairman Du Bo Meets with Leaders from CPC Jimo Municipal Committee and Jimo Municipal Government

  On April 12, chairman of CNQC Du Bo and president of the company Wang Xianmao led a group to visit CPC Jimo municipal committee and Jimo municipal government. Secretary of CPC Jimo municipal committee Zhang Jun had a cordial talk with chairman Du Bo, and vice mayor Bi Anchuan organized a meeting for communication and discussion.

Secretary Zhang Jun has a cordial talk with Chairman Du Bo

  Vice-mayor Bi Anchuan welcomed the visit by CNQC and gave a description of Jimo’s industrial layout, development plan and development size. Jimo is ranked the first in the counties of Shandong in terms of economic strength and has a solid development foundation and good development prospects, he said. He affirmed the projects developed and carried out by CNQC in Jimo, and pointed out that the development of Jimo, and especially the rapid development of the Blue Silicon Valley in the eastern part of Jimo, would depend on the participation and contribution of well-known enterprises like CNQC. Jimo municipal government welcomes and hopes CNQC to increase its investment and intensify its construction in Jimo and will actively supply all resource support and services.

 Chairman Du Bo expressed his thanks to CPC Jimo municipal committee and Jimo municipal government for their recognition, support and help to CNQC as well as the opportunities they give to the company. Being a leader in construction industry in Shandong and a local enterprise of Qingdao, CNQC has the responsibility and obligation to contribute to the development of local economy and society, and the company always takes an active part in the urban development of Jimo and is willing to continue to make contributions to Jimo’s development, said he.

 President Wang Xianmao gave a detailed description of the development history, the development status and the future development plan of CNQC in Jimo, focusing on the introduction of the projects under construction. He thanked the departments of Jimo municipal government for their instruction and assistance given during project construction while listing the difficulties existing in projects and the matters to be coordinated and settled by Jimo municipal government.

  Scene of talk and exchange