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  CNQC was Awarded “Outstanding Enterprises to Chinese Consumers’ Satisfaction for 20 Years”

  On November 23 and 24, 2016, the commendation conference on conducting Chinese-customer-satisfied projects 2016 was solemnly held in Kunming by the Consumer Committee of China Association for Quality. Jia Fuxing, the chairman of China Association for Quality, and Chen Bangzhu, the honorable chairman of the organization attended the meeting, along with more than 400 representatives from construction enterprises, industrial associations and consumer committees. At the conference Chinese-customer-satisfied model and outstanding work units that have conducted the works to consumer’s satisfaction in 2016 were commended. CNQC won the title of “Outstanding Enterprises to Chinese Consumers’ Satisfaction for 20 Years”, and its four projects were named “Chinese-customer-satisfied projects”, and up to now, 34 projects of the company have won such honor.

  The projects named “Chinese-customer-satisfied projects” at this conference include: Qingdao newspaper media digital printing industry base, Qingdao gas heating emergency repair center, the multi-functional building in the new business factory of Qingdao Vehicle Management Station, and Qingdao national advertisement cultural industry park.


  “Chinese-customer-satisfied Enterprise” and “Chinese-customer-satisfied project” are honors given by markets and customers. CNQC will take the honors as a driving force, and continue its activities to implement customer-satisfied projects, further improve the quality of its projects and services, increase customer satisfaction, and build more enterprises and construction works to the satisfaction of Chinese customers.