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  The Comprehensive Traffic Center and the Parking Building of New Qingdao Airport Capped One Month Ahead of Schedule

  On November 17, 2016, the comprehensive traffic center and the parking building of the new Qingdao airport were capped successfully by Qingjian Group Co., Ltd. one month ahead of schedule.

  The construction of the comprehensive traffic center and the parking building of the new Qingdao airport commenced on April 1, 2016. At the beginning of the project construction, CNQC made careful planning and formed the general work concept of “constructing a demonstration project, managing construction site, innovating ideas and making breakthroughs in management.” During project construction, the company managed the construction site rigorously to ensure the quality and security comply with certain standards; it conducted “uninterrupted construction for 24 hours a day” to drive project construction; it adopted a series of domestic advanced technology and methods, such as sequence construction method and fully automatic steel bar processing, to speed up construction; meanwhile, it made full use of such information means like BIM software and duration commercial management system to improve the intelligent construction level of the project. The project lasted 231 days, during which 76,000 cubic meters of concrete was poured, 71,000 tons of steel bars were assembled, and the buildings were capped one month ahead of schedule.


  The capping of the main structure marks the completion of civil construction works and the official beginning of decoration. The time saved gives enough time to the next stage to finish such important construction tasks like electromechanical installation, decoration and curtain wall, and lays a solid foundation for achieving the annual task objectives and successful opening and acceptance of the new airport in 2019. The project department of CNQC will, under the guidance of the concept of “being cooperative and aggressive and good at overcoming difficulties”, play out Qingjian’s advantages of project management and continue to ensure the successful implementation of the project construction through preliminary reasonable organization and rigorous control of the procedure, so as to deliver a high quality project to the satisfaction of the employer and the society.