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  Director of Shandong Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Wang Yuzhi Leads a Visit to Hanwa Community Project

  On the morning of September 26, more than 260 people, including Wang Yuzhi, the director of Shandong Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Li Xingjun, the deputy director of the authority, and representatives from the municipal housing and urban-rural development authorities of the province, green ecological demonstration cities and districts and related enterprises, came to Hanwa community to observe and inspect the economically affordable house project undertaken by Qingjian Group Co., Ltd. (CNQC). Chen Yong, director of Qingdao Municipal Commission of Urban-Rural Development, Li Hongbing, the vice secretary of Chengyang district committee of the CPC and the acting director of Chengyang district, and Ding Hongbin, the chairman of CNQC, accompanied them.

  The visit group visited the physical sample demonstration area on site and the process model room and the hardbound model room on the third floor of Building 2, listened to the brief introduction by the project department on project implementation, and made detailed exchanges on the field prefabrication technology and its advantages.


  The prefabricated building project in Hanwa community is located in Hanwa community, Jihongtan sub-district, Chengyang district, Qingdao, with a total construction area of about 16,000 square meters. Building 2 and Building 3 are prefabricated, with eleven floors on the ground, the part below the second floor adopting shear wall structure and the third floor and the part above it adopting prefabricated reinforced concrete shear wall structure. With the overall prefabrication ratio reaching 52% and the prefabrication rate of standard floors reaching 65%, it is the prefabricated housing project with the highest prefabrication ratio in Qingdao. The construction of the project commenced from November 23, 2015. By now the construction of the main structure has been completed and decoration is under way.